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     Clive's Details     


Type: Dog
Breed: American Pit Bull Cross
Second Breed:
Sex: Male
Color: Brown Brindle / None
Spayed / Neutered: Yes
Age: 2Yrs 9Mths 1Wks (approx)
Size: Large
How We Received Clive: Stray
Date Received: 3/7/2018
Date Available: 4/26/2018
Meet Your Match Assessment:  Orange Busy Bee 
Adoption Fee: $100.00
Animal ID: 55653
Please take note of the Animal ID before contacting us.

Where can you find me?

Animal Humane New Mexico

You can contact me by

Phone 505-255-5523 ext. 142
Fax 505-265-6470
Address 615 Virginia St. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

A Little Bit About Me

When I was found as a stray, I had a big OWIE on my leg and I couldn't use it. I was scared and I might not have lasted too much longer on the street, so right now I feel so overwhelmed with gratefulness that some nice people found me and are helping me feel better. So, here I am in my picture with a grateful smile on my face for all the people petting me. It all feels so wonderful!

Maybe it's almost too much to hope for, but I would be even more over the moon with gratefulness if I could be part of a loving family. Like most rescue dogs, I'd spend the rest of my life being thankful, and I would do my best to rescue you in return, with a lifetime of joy, companionship, and smiles.

Notes from a team member: "Clive is a happy boy who loves tummy rubs and car rides. He knows SIT and is learning to play fetch!"

Notes from Clive's Foster Caretaker: "Clive is a sweet dog and loves to be with people. He likes to play and chase balls. He doesn't get bringing it back yet. He was gentle and allowed us to do therapy, even when it hurt. He was friendly to everyone he met."

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